Gigs - May & June, 2018

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I'm writing this in April, and the weather's been miserable, so here's hoping...

Bob C and the 3d's:

June 16 - The Mill Street and 5 American House, Waterdown, ON

June 30 -  Oh Canada Ribfest - Waterdown Memorial Park, Waterdown, ON - 1:00 - 2:00 PM on the Brown Financial Security Stage

The New Guy

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Bob Carle, aka the New Guy

As you may have noticed, our Rick Prinsthal is one busy dude. Lately, he's been busy playing guitar in Robin Magder Pierce's excellent band. They have a CD coming out, and we're all very happy for them. Hope they sell a million!

That said, we do have gig obligations to fulfill, and we want them to be up to our usual standard. As a result, we've called upon another old friend; singer/guitarist Bob Carle, who our drummer, Dave, has been gigging with since high school.

Though we've retained a lot of our old act, Bob's vocal style does suggest a range of new material to explore, and we've spent the last couple of months woodshedding to see how the new stuff sounds. Those of you who came out to the American House on March 30 were able to see the result first-hand.

We certainly haven't closed the door on working with Rick again in the future; he and I have been friends for almost 40 years.  That said, we are very excited to see where working with Bob takes us.

We'll be advertising the gigs we do with Bob as "Bob C and the 3d's", which we think has a nice ring to it. Stay tuned; it should be a fun summer!

Gigs - March and April, 2018

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Spring is springin' - here's where to go see'em:

March 30 -with guest vocalist Bob Carle -  The Mill Street and 5 American House - Waterdown, ON

Gigs - January and February, 2018

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No post-holiday blues this year; let's get at it!!

February 17 - Rocket & Friends Rock the Corktown - The Corktown Pub,
Hamilton, ON - featuring Rick's "other act", Rocket and the Renegades, along with rockabilly

stalwarts the Treblemen

February 24 - Choices Association WingDing - Copetown Community Centre, Flamborough, ON

Gigs - November & December, 2017

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It's the holiday season...

November 12 - "Help from the Hammer" - fundraiser for Red Cross International Disaster Relief - This Ain't Hollywood - Hamilton, ON - Many, many acts are participating, but we should be on around dinnertime, so get there early, and bring your wallets!!

November 17 -  w/special guest Richard Wolfe at The Black Swan, Burlington, ON

December 15 - Windjammer by the Lake - Burlington, ON - early show - 8:00 PM - midnight!

Gigs - September & October, 2017

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Back to school, back to work, back to reality...

September 2 - The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 461, Brantford, ON

September 8 - w/special guest Richard Wolfe at The Black Swan, Burlington, ON

September 16 - Private function

September 29 - Windjammer by the Lake, Burlington, ON

September 30 afternoon - "Steeltown Shakedown" - rockabilly riot with a cast of thousands, featuring the Hellbent Rockers, Bay City Music Hall, Hamilton, ON - CANCELLED due to water damage at the venue.

September 30 evening - The Mill Street and 5 American House, Waterdown, ON

October 28  - Lisa's Halloween Bash w/ Rocket and the Renegades - The Galley Pump, Hamilton, ON